Big Businesses Take Small Town Approach to Social Networking

As businesses expand and reach larger audiences marketers are beginning to worry they are losing their “small town” feel, becoming corporate giants that leave customers out of the loop.

Wal-Mart is launching local Facebook pages for each of their physical stores, hoping to achieve the community feeling and increase their interaction with Facebook users.  Each of Wal-Mart’s social-local pages will be monitored by social media trained employees.  These new pages will allow Wal-Mart to get involved in local communities, respond to feedback, post community events, and tailor each Wal-Mart’s Facebook to the needs of the customers in that area.

And although social-local pages require greater coordination, individualization, and attention, other corporations are following in Wal-Mart’s footsteps.  Gyms and other retailers have hopped on board the social-local approach.

The advantages to social-local pages are valuable for increasing customer interaction within a localized area, and customers get the opportunity to interact with a big company while knowing the information is relevant and their voice is being heard.

Corey Koskinen

Corey's career may be just beginning, but it's taken a few interesting part-time gigs, a couple years in school, and an interest in media and marketing to get Corey to where he is today. Corey started as an intern at DC Interactive Group and came back after graduating from Illinois State as a web-marketing coordinator.