5 Tips for a Great Website Design

It’s very likely that if you aren’t currently redesigning your website that you are going to be ready for a redesign in the next year or so (see number 4 below for why!). With changing technology, if your site isn’t new, it’s old. Check out a few website design tips we put together to help you create the best possible website with your next redesign.

1. Keep it simple and clean. Too much clutter can get in the way and drive away visitors. You know what content your web visitors need and want, so put that content front and center and get rid of anything unnecessary. A visitor shouldn’t be overwhelmed by what they are looking at. If new technology works with your site’s goal and your visitor’s intent, make good use of it. If the new technology doesn’t make sense, don’t even consider it.

2. Use an intuitive navigation. Don’t make the user work to get content. What does your user want? It should be easy to find, and the user shouldn’t have to take several steps to find the content. The best test for this is to ask someone who is familiar with your product to take a look at your site design, and ask them how they would get to particular content if they were visiting the site for the first time.

3. Make it responsive. People are viewing your site from their office, laptop, tablet, and phone. A responsive design automatically adjusts based on the device they are using. Keep in mind how the design appears and functions all platforms.

4. Redesign every 3-4 years. A four-year-old website is getting old already. It is sad that this beautiful new site will be outdated so quickly, but imagine if you were still using your phone from four years ago. Technology changes every year or two—three years ago you wouldn’t be building a responsive website. In two to three years, websites will be have more capabilities and functionalities. They will have to work on the iPhone 8, 9 (or whatever new device has replaced the iPhone). Three or four years from now you will certainly be ready for something new.

5. Incorporate design and color trends. With the 3-4 year turnover in mind, it’s okay to go trendy. When we consider a web design, we think about your product and brand. Then we look at other sites and even trends in fashion. Figure out what’s “in,” and see how your brand can seamlessly be fashion forward.

And with new technology and programming, a beautiful, internally manageable website doesn’t have to cost a fortune. Talk to us to find out how we can help you with the next face of your .com.