7 iPhone Gifts for iGeeks in your life

Is your hard-to-shop-for family member iPhone obsessed? If so, skip the gift cards and wow them with some of these interesting iPhone accessories.

1. The gadget: The Dot from Kogeto
What does it do?: Attach it to the iPhone 4, lay your phone on a flat surface, and take video that gives a 360 degree view of the room. Upload your video online.
Practical uses: Place it on your holiday dinner table to share your experience with relatives who are away. Give long distance tours of your home. Take it to the Grand Canyon and finally capture what the views are truly like.
Cost: $79 on Amazon

2. The gadget: Griffin Helo TC RC Helicopter for iPad/iPod touch/iPhone
What does it do?: It’s a helicopter that uses your iPhone (or iPad or iPod Touch) as the remote control.
Practical uses: Spend an afternoon flying the helicopter around your living room. Chase your dog with it. Buy two, and race them.
Cost: $49.99 from Target

3. The gadget: iPhone Photo Cube Printer
What does it do?: Dock your phone on the 7″ x 4″ x 6″ cube and it prints a 4 x 6 of your selected photo, while simultaneously charging your phone.
Practical uses: Is your computer and printer all the way down the hall, but you need a picture print right now, without the hastle of hooking your phone up to the computer to transfer it or emailing it to yourself? Enter the cube printer. Let’s face it—iPhone users are used to getting what they want when they want it.
Cost: $159.99 from the Sharper Image or (currently out of stock) $99.95 from Adorama

4. The gadget: Smartak Audio Wireless Waterproof Shower Speaker
What does it do?: Dock your phone on the transmitter, and dangle the speaker on the shower head. Works from 150 feet away, so your phone is safe from steam.
Practical uses: Turn up the sound and rock along with your favorite singers to save family members from your off key a cappella.
Cost: $69.99 on Amazon

5. The gadget: The iPhone Seat Buddy
What does it do?: Allows you to hang your iphone safely from the back of a front car seat.
Practical uses: I am including this mainly because of the hilarious description on Sharper Image that makes it sound like watching a movie on your iPhone is the most trying, taxing experience your body has ever had. But for a practical use, this allows your toddler to watch a movie from their carseat without the expense of a DVD player.
Cost: $19.99 on Sharper Image

6. The gadget: Fisher Price Laugh & Learn Apptivity Case
What does it do?: Turns your iphone into a teether. Slide your iPhone in the teething toy, and your baby or toddler can no longer dribble and drool on the phone when playing with his or her favorite baby apps.
Practical uses: You know your baby can’t get enough of your iPhone, but you are tired of your little drool monster leaving smudges and smears. You will appreciate the time your baby can spend entertained by the apps, and your iPhone will thank you!
Cost: $14.99 on Amazon

7. The gadget: Memorex SingStand Home Karaoke System
What does it do?: Set your phone in the mic stand and amplify your voice as you sing along to music on your iPhone.
Practical uses: Host a Karaoke party. Get serious about training for your X Factor audition. Entertain your date when you invite them in after dinner. (Maybe wait a until after a month of dating before you try that one.)
Cost: $64.99 on Amazon

And you thought they couldn’t love their iPhone any more than they already do. Happy shopping!