A word on Bing's intriguing rewards program

Almost two years ago, Microsoft unveiled its premier search engine – Bing, where users can perform “educated” searches on the web. While Bing has been no match for Google in market share, their recently introduced rewards program has potential for expansion.

In September 2010, Microsoft emerged with a loyalty rewards program to “engage” casual users of the Bing search engine. Bing Rewards works much like a frequent flyer program or credit card point system. Upon signing up, users can simultaneously surf the net and rack up valuable points. Participants can later redeem these points for products such as games, gift cards and even charitable donations.

You earn yourself 250 points just for signing up for the service, with a limit of up to eight additional points you can gain per day (one for every five Bing searches performed). Further points can be earned through the use of the “discovery engine” or through participation in Bing sponsored activities.

If the gigantic presence of Google has you leaning toward other places to get stuff done on the Web, Bing could be worth your time.