Construction Business Websites Get the Design Upgrade They Deserve

Folks in the construction business are all about great design—it is often a feature they are most proud of in their work. So shouldn’t their web design match the caliber of their work? We recently had the chance to design two gorgeous websites for businesses in the construction industry: Lamp Incorporated, a General Construction and Construction Management company based in Chicagoland, and MCZ Development, a housing, condo, and mixed use developer based in Chicago that works nationwide.

MCZ Development



Special Features: MCZ Development has created incredible loft-style housing, high-rise condominiums, oceanfront residences, and mixed-use projects using vintage office spaces and manufacturing buildings. Their projects are so gorgeous, we knew they should be prominently featured. The MCZ Development website offers:

  • A full screen highlighted project on the home page, showing off their gorgeous past work.
  • A photo-rich portfolio page that highlights current and past projects in their best lights.
  • A simple navigation that offers their audience a simple way to navigate to the information they’d want to know.
  • A less-is-more approach to information—no need to bog down a site with too many pages and too much copy. We allow the audience to get in, get the information they want, and get in touch.
  • A responsive design that works on any device.

Lamp Incorporated



Special Features: Lamp Incorporated offers a huge variety of services—general construction, construction management, and design/build. As such, they needed to include a lot of information to demonstrate their capabilities, highlight their specialty areas, fill people in on their background and clients, and keep partners and clients updated on their latest news. The Lamp Incorporated website offers:

  • A video homepage that adds interest in the site, shows a time-lapse video of their project, and hooks in the audience immediately.
  • A responsive design that works on any device.
  • An intuitive navigation to help people easily float through the site to the information they need, without getting lost or bogged down by all of the information.
  • A smart tool for project partners to see bid results for projects they are bidding for work.
  • A project and staff gallery that tell the story through the work they’ve completed as well as the people who make Lamp the outstanding company it is.
  • A news page to keep the site actively updated with projects, news, tips and tricks for customers and partners, and more.

Check out these two awesome sites today!

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