Creating Audio Podcasts From Your Blog Post

We’ve added a new feature to our blog, Odiogo, which has been automatically converting our posts into high-quality audio files. Each post that is written is transformed into an audio file that can be downloaded, subscribed to or played right from our blog.

This is a cool feature for readers for various reasons — readers now have more ways to experience our blog. It can be opened as a podcast channel at iTunes. This allows users to subscribe to the blog content and also to sync the podcast with iPods/iPhones for even greater access. Visitors can now take content wherever they go and listen to it while doing whatever they want. Converting a post to audio also enables those that are visually impaired the opportunity to follow the blog.

And the most surprising part is the speech quality is fantastic. It’s as close to a human voice as I’ve ever heard from an automated system.

So if you’re interested, click on the “subscribe to our audiocast” button in the left sidebar and start taking us along on your MP3 player.


  1. Mary
    February 2, 2009

    This is such a great feature to help people keep up with the posts on your blog. I love to multitask and this makes it so easy! Plus you’re right, it definitely does sound great!

  2. Dan
    February 5, 2009

    I also love how you can listen to these on the go, or while doing something else. They sure are making things easier and easier!