Direct Response Marketing on Twitter: How we connected consumers with an app they’d love

Twitter has a lot of advantages for advertisers. Consumers are tweeting what’s important, or not so important, which presents the ultimate opportunity to step in and join the conversation. By applying direct marketing strategies into your social media channels, your brand can instantly find new customers, get them engaged, and build a following. That’s exactly what we did for our gluten free restaurant app, Alex’s Gluten Free Spots.

Alex’s Gluten Free Spots allows users to find and rate restaurants with gluten free items on the menu. The app was designed for people with Celiac disease or on a gluten free diet. In order to reach the audience who would love an app like this on Twitter, we put ourselves in the target market’s shoes to consider what they would be saying on Twitter, and found their tweets. We used specific search terms in Twitter’s search function to find ideal tweets where our app might solve someone’s immediate problem. We tailored personal tweets that related to each individual, and in doing so we instantly created a relationship between the consumer and the brand. Check out the conversations below and see how direct tweet responses engaged new users.

These personalized tweets feel more like a conversation than ads, which is refreshing and unexpected to the consumer. @AlexsGlutenFree gained followers, retweets, favorites, and ultimately downloads from utilizing this direct marketing strategy on Twitter.




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