Do you use Ad Blockers on your Web Browsers?

Did you know Internet Explorer is not the most popular browser? According to w3schools, it hasn’t held that title since December of 2008. Over the past 3+ years, Firefox has become the most popular browser, and is currently home to over 40% of Internet users.

One reason for its popularity is its wonderful extensions, most of which are both free and useful. And of the countless Firefox extensions, the most popular one of all is Adblock Plus. It’s been downloaded over 100 million times, and it provides an uninterrupted, ad-free surfing experience.

Google Chrome has a similarly effective and free extension known as AdBlock. Currently there are nearly 2.4 million users of the extension on a daily basis.

I’m also told that Internet Explorer has an ad blocker or two, but I have been a member of IE Anonymous for three years and I do not wish to relapse.

The point is, ad blockers are popular on any web browser, and they’re effective. Text ads are blocked, banner ads are blocked, even the auto-playing video ads that play before a YouTube vid launches are blocked.

It makes sense. We’re the same generation that gets cranky if food needs an extra 30 seconds in the microwave, or downright irate if a startup who offered a wonderful free service has the audacity to switch to a paid subscription (looking at you, Hootsuite. How DARE you? I thought we were friends.).

My question is simple, and it’s in a big, bold header at the top of the page. Do you use an ad blocker on your browser? Voice your stance in the comments.