Facebook hit 500 million users today

As of this morning Facebook hit a major milestone. A whopping 500 million users.

It’s hard to imagine how big that number is, and personally it boggles my mind. I’ve written before about if Facebook were a country it would be the third largest in the world only after China and India. So much for all of you who say you’re giving up Facebook, huh? While that will eventually happen it’s probably not going to occur anytime soon.

Facebook also launched a pretty creative “thank you” from their employees. It serves as both a sweet and heartfelt appreciation for the support of their users — and no less important — a clever way to help humanize the company. This is especially important since the new, and possibly damaging, Facebook movie is coming out this fall.

In addition, Facebook has launched a new blog called Facebook Stories. It’s a way for those who have found Facebook to be an important tool in their lives to share their stories. You can also browse and read other’s stories, all categorized by unique themes and locations around the world with an interactive map.