Happy Holidays! Creative Christmas Cards from Demi and Cooper

Merry holidays from Demi and Cooper! Our team is packed with people who do creative for a living. But their creativity isn’t limited to work—they are creative to the core! The best demonstration of their creative capacity can be seen in their holiday greetings. You will not find a boring one in the bunch. Enjoy these gems our art directors and designers have sent out in the past!

Deanne Mroz, Web Designer

Deanne has a killer sense of humor and a funky sense of style. Her love for photography and illustration comes through her diverse selection of cards from the past few years.


Danielle Murray, Senior Art Director

Danielle is slightly wacky, clever, and always up for a laugh. Oh, and she and her husband loved the early 90s, as can be seen in their 2010 Christmas card.

Wally Ottenhoff, Web Art Director

This one is near and dear to my heart because, well, it’s my family. We took the alternate route the past few years and created video Christmas cards. We sent print cards out alerting family and friends to the link where they’d find a special surprise.






Marc Battaglia, Creative Director

Marc makes magic happen with is cards, as you’ll see. He creates a single image that is laced with the perfect balance of reality and Santa’s spirit—it’s enough to make the biggest Scrooge say, “I believe!” Enjoy Marc’s captions that explain the concepts.

Grace and Anna try to deliver their Christmas list to Santa at the North Pole, but somehow get off track and wind up at South Georgia Island with Penguins in the South Pole. Grace checks the map to get them back on track.

At Christmas, kids seem to get into all sorts of things they shouldn’t. Like the magical corn Santa uses to help his reindeer fly.

Some years, life is just too busy. Sending out a Tweet (printed on paper and mailed as a tounge-in-cheek card) is the only way to go.


After Marc’s mother passed away, he decided to create a card that would could be sent out by his father and his sister’s family. His two daughters hold up his nephew, Gideon to form a tree. “Happy holidays from the tree of us” is printed inside.


We also happen to have a few Christmas Story themed cards in the bunch! Enjoy these from the Ottenhoffs and Battaglias. We did this one year when several people couldn’t stop commenting at how our son looked like Ralphie. Marc has a serious love for this movie, decorating his office with the FRAGILE lamp:

Happy holidays to you and yours! May your days be merry and bright!