Here's How We Grew Sherman's Facebook Page by 50%

What was one of the first things you did when you woke up this morning? I bet you checked your Facebook. What did you do at lunch today and those five minutes of downtime you got at the office? Yep, Facebook again. That type of engagement to one site is why hospitals (and businesses) strive for a successful Facebook page.

Facebook is a great way to interact with the community about health related information and hospital initiatives. It’s a great way to communicate with patients. The problem is that most Facebookers don’t think to turn to their hospital on Facebook, even though it may be the best source of health related information for them. So how do you get these people to notice you on Facebook?

There was a recent surge of Facebook giveaway promotions in the northwest suburban area of Chicago. Many hospitals were giving away an iPad in order to gain more “Likes”. So our client, Sherman Health, challenged us to gain new fans without the use of an iPad. As much as we love our Apple gear here at Demi & Cooper, we also understood that it wasn’t the most meaningful prize a hospital could giveaway. So we decided to do a giveaway that would benefit the Sherman Health brand.

We chose four prizes that were health related. After all, Sherman Health is more concerned with your health than your score on “Angry Birds”. The prizes were a variety of exercise equipment and included a grand prize of a Wii & Wii Fit.

In addition to the prizes, we also set up interviews with three health experts at Sherman Health. These interviews allowed us to provide “Likers” with videos & blogs that contained useful information about yoga, sports related injuries, exercise, exercise equipment, and physical therapy.

So how did the promotion turn out and was our client happy with the results? In just a few weeks the Sherman Health Facebook page went from about 800 “Likes” to 1,200. Josh McColough, Marketing Communications Manager at Sherman Health shared his thoughts about the promotion:

“We thought we’d get a good response, based on the items we were giving away, which were both fun and healthy. But we never imagined that we’d increase our Facebook fans by 50% in just a few weeks. Our employees were talking about the initiative, too. It was really fun to hear people encouraging other employees to ‘Like’ us”

If you’re interested in a larger Facebook fan base you can contact us here. We don’t just Facebook either, you can see what else we do by checking out our case studies here.