How to effectively customize a WordPress-hosted blog

Setting up a free blog on WordPress is an issue for some professionals, as the lack of both a domain name and best-fitting web hosting seems beneath them. After all, going with WP-hosted blogs nets just 100 or so themes to choose from, most of which are a terrible fit for your vision. Right?

On the contrary. Free themes on WordPress have levels of customization to them that can really make your blog stand out. And if the content is great, visitors won’t care in the slightest about whether you have your own domain. If you need an example, take a look at one of our clients, Sherman Health.

Already the proud owners of the domain, they made the wise decision to reach a more localized audience through a WordPress-hosted blog. In a snap, the Sherman Heart Blog was born. Below is a PDF of one of the most popular articles from it.

When 2011 hit, it was agreed the great content on the Heart Blog needed to be matched by a great new design. After a brainstorming session, a plan was hatched, and the look went live on February 1 to coincide with Heart Month. Below is the brand new banner image on the blog. Depicted in animated form is Dr. Maciej Malinski, a cardiologist on staff at Sherman and the author of the popular Ask the Cardiologist blog series.

We created the image in-house, and also uploaded a customized sky blue background to complete the new look. With the right team of artists, designers, and writers, it’s entirely possible to have an eye-catching blog with fantastic content, all of which can be reached through simple and free WordPress hosting.

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