Is it too early for stores to start the Christmas season? Sears and K-mart have.

picture-52 How soon is too soon to open your online Christmas store? Sears and K-Mart have already done it. Complete with some fairly cheesy animations and cloying music that you can see and hear if you click those above links. Notice that they’re bravely using the word “Christmas” instead of the more generic “Holiday.”

Don’t get me wrong. I love Sears. All my power tools and most of my appliances are from there. And the other day when I needed some sandals and they didn’t have what I wanted at my usual shoe store I paused for a moment and thought, “who else has shoes?… Sears!” Yeah, Sears — as if it was a revelation for me that they’d have shoes. And you know what? They did and I bought some. As for K-Mart, I would like to like them. But every time I walk in there they never seem to have what I want. (Sigh.)

Anyway, now that the two companies that deserve each other the most have merged, they’re both opening their Holiday Shops — in July. I can see how they want to start off their Christmas shopping season early. But has it crossed a line?


  1. Haley
    July 10, 2009

    They might as well have it all year round at the rate they’re going. I can’t stand it! It infuriates me actually. They are sucking all meaning and feeling from Christmas, or I should say the “Holiday Season”.

  2. Kate
    July 15, 2009

    I agree with the above. I think they are completely sucking all of the meaning out of the season by having it start in July. I mean…come on. The weather in the city of Chicago is bad enough in the summers to make us who wait for it all year a bit depressed, now they want us to just forget about it all together and move right back into the winter? It just seems a bit soon. Can’t they wait a few more months at least?