iTunes may sell concert tickets (or tickets for anything you can imagine)

iphoneconcertWe all love Apple rumors. But this one seems to have some ground to stand on. Late last week PatentlyApple posted some pretty comprehensive details of Apple’s latest patent filing. It’s a full-fledged blueprint for selling and managing ticketing for concerts, sports events, conferences, amusement parks, museums, airlines — possibly even weddings — anything really.


E-tickets aren’t anything new, but this is the first time tickets will be managed directly though a wireless device like the iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch. Apple’s new ticketing service will also work with unmanned kiosks and turnstiles, allowing the user to hold the device up to the kiosk for a code to be scanned.


PatentlyApple also notes that “Apple E-tickets may provide additional benefits, such as digital content which may include a live recording of the event, exclusive interviews with artists associated with the event, or studio recordings by artists associated with the event. The electronic tickets may offer other benefits, such as discounts on merchandise related to the event, discounts or prepaid refreshments for the event, discounts or prepaid merchandise like a T-Shirt for the event, and other related content, such as a digital map (#120) to the event or of the venue including your seating positioning relative to the stage.”