Kimtag Allows One QR Code for Multiple Segments

QR codes facilitate a direct link between traditional and online media, and when QR codes are strategically targeted within a marketing plan, the cross in marketing mediums can result in successful goal conversions.

Something to consider: If consumers take the time to scan a QR code and land on a page that does not pertain to them, they leave and become a lost opportunity! One landing page can’t cater to an entire potential market, and having a dozen QR codes on one ad doesn’t appeal to any market. QR codes with a single landing page are great when they are placed in front of targeted, captive audiences, but what if there is a broad potential market?

A company called Kimtag might be able to help. The London-based company is a mobile compatible connection hub that allows users to create custom index pages containing all of their online media outlets.

Once consumers scan the single QR code, they land on the Kimtag index for that business and can choose how they would like to interact. Those invested in Twitter can navigate to the Twitter page, people who want more information can head to the company’s FAQ page, and so on. Consumers can even tap on the companies contact information to initiate Google maps, call, or e-mail them.

Any other information or landing page can be easily programmed into the Kimtag index. Plus, and this part is important, so I’ll boldface it: Kimtags are free to create and fully customizable. Play around with it and don’t worry about being charged.

The key concept is allowing a broad market to be reached through one QR code or link, and letting each individual choose how they would like to interact with the brand. One QR code, unlimited connection capabilities.

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  1. Laura
    March 13, 2012

    Great article! Very informative, and a great resource for non-profits!