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Merlo on Maple: Authentic Italian Food in the heart of Chicago

italian food chicagoWe are thrilled to announce our new partnership with Merlo on Maple, an authentic Italian restaurant that serves up classic Bolognese cuisine. A quick Google search of Merlo reveals fantastic reviews across the board, with reviewers who cite an atmosphere that rivals the food as the reason for the praise.

At Demi & Cooper, we’ll be handling the construction of the new Merlo website and we’ll be building the restaurant’s social media presence. Look for a case study on the new website in the near future, but for now, here’s an excerpt describing what makes Merlo on Maple so special to those looking for authentic Italian food in Chicago.

“Her grandmother’s recipe book is the reason Chef Silvia was able to duplicate Bolognese Italian food in the city of Chicago. Her grandmother openly shared her recipes with other ladies in the Bologna, and they in turn shared theirs. This warm and collaborative process was passed down to Silvia, and it’s why she’s so happy to share her authentic Italian food with Chicago’s patrons.”