Mobile Marketing Budgets Going Up in 2013, Should Yours?

As marketing continues to evolve from one platform to another it’s no surprise that companies’ budgets are also changing.  An online marketing presence is crucial these days, but with the giant increase in smartphones and mobile web browsing the importance of mobile marketing has even greater significance.

70% of marketers are planning to increase their mobile budgets for 2013, for mobile websites, search, advertisements, or apps.  This year’s mobile ad spending is estimated to be around 2.6 billion dollars.  According to Scott Forshay, mobile and emerging technology strategist, “Of that $2.6 billion spent, $2.5 [billion] of that was probably wasted.”

Scott is not implying that mobile marketing is a waste of money, but rather that there are smarter ways to allocate the funds.  Mobile marketing faces the challenge of an on-the-go audience that’s is looking for timely and contextually relevant information.

Although an increased budget is a good way to increase mobile presence, doing research and getting active can be a great way to increase your mobile marketing results.

Before your mobile budget gets increased here are a few simple tips to make your mobile marketing more effective and establish your mobile marketing needs!

  1. Know your audience and where they are coming from. Is your audience search driven or are they coming from referral sites and page shares?
  2. Why are people coming to your mobile site? Users ultimately have a goal or objective with every page they visit, whether it’s to research, purchase a product, chat about topics with fellow users, or fix a problem, there is a motive.  The more your mobile site can cater to the audience’s need, the more effective it will be.
  3. Should your mobile site differ from your desktop version? Some websites offer the same site, scrunched to a 4” screen to serve the user’s purpose.  But knowing the user may be on-the-go and looking for a quick fix, does this change the information or features your site should have?
  4. Is your mobile app necessary? Mobile budgets can go through the roof when app development and upkeep is involved.  Can the overall goal of your app be fulfilled in a mobile site?  Or on the other hand, is your site not offering enough and would an app be beneficial to your audience and brand?

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