Music Site Gives Meaning To A Song's Lyrics

I like listening to music.  And for the last two years, thanks to a great gift from my office family, I also like playing it.  So what if it’s just Rock Band.

Playing this game is not only good family fun and even good party fun, but it also gives you the correct lyrics to all these songs that we’ve heard often, but never really understood fully.  In fact, it wasn’t until 20 years after the song was released that my good friend found out that it’s not “Light in the storm house” (whatever that means), but rather “Ridin’ the storm out”.  Fortunately, he only sang this in the car by himself.

After seeing the lyrics to a few songs and realizing they still didn’t make sense, I set out on a mission to understand what the writer meant.  I found quite a few sites that had user reviews and interpretations, but couldn’t find the artists’ meanings anywhere.  Then I found it at

This site has a lot of content, and features quotes from the artists about the songs, as well as user generated information about the artists and what they meant.

So next time you’re wondering what the words are to a song, or what the artist means, go to