No Love Lost With Google's Newest Search Tool

Just launched is Google’s latest, a “What Do You Love?” tool with a simple search box (much like that of the classic Google search bar), delivering multifaceted results about virtually any topic you can imagine. As you type in the subject of your choosing, up pops a page full of distinct boxes from more than 20 of Google’s services, such as translate, maps, youtube and alerts.

In case you’re curious, my first What Do You Love (WDYL) search query was ‘cats’. I promptly found information from translating the word into 57 languages to hilarious feline videos to assistance in creating a debate about cats on Google Moderator. I was even given the option to be alerted by email as new cat-related information becomes available. Meow!

The site is still in beta, but bloggers on tech sites such as Mashable seem to be eating it up. To see if Google’s newest addition is something that you love, try it for yourself at