P&G Commercial Makes a New Mom Blubber

I recently returned to work from maternity leave. My first day back, I was going through my thousands of emails trying to pare them down and get a sense of what happened while I was changing diaps, rocking a cute little fusspot back and forth, and catnapping day (yay!) and night (boo!) for 7 weeks. The leave fell over Mother’s Day, so I found myself, in my mad rush to catch up with my emails, bursting into tears.

Now this isn’t an uncommon scene these days—I am working off of a few 2 or 3 hour stretches of sleep every night, so tears are abundantly available to me. But typically a commercial isn’t the impetus.

I am a passionate Olympics fan—the only sporting event I love to watch, and I look forward to it for the entire year in advance. (It’s unfair, actually, how much I love them. You would think it would be something that my sports-fan husband, who watches ESPN like its his job all year, and I could bond over. But alas, it’s the only sporting event he isn’t into.)

Anyhow, P&G was speaking to me here—the mom/Olympics fan. They even play off of the “Proud Sponsor of the Olympic Games” you will start to hear in the next few months, but they sponsor me! The commercial makes me proud of my kids, somehow, and they are only 2 and a half years old and 9 weeks! But they wear Pampers (a P&G product), so maybe they will be throwing the shot put one day—the commercial makes me believe it, anyway.

If you aren’t one of the almost 4.5 million people who caught this around Mother’s Day, check it out.