Schoola Links Businesses to School and Organization Fundraising

When selling candy, coupons, or tickets does not bring in enough fundraising money for schools or organizations, Schoola may be a fundraising service worth looking into.

It was created by Mamapedia and it helps parents, schools and local businesses team up to create deals with participating businesses. This, in turn, generates funding for schools. Schoola’s goal is to slow down educational budget cuts that are shortening school weeks and taking away the extracurricular activities that round out a child’s education, while simultaneously helping local businesses.

Schoola helps people connect with local businesses that create a weekly deal to run a promotion like “45% off a dozen cupcakes with 35% of proceeds going to the school participating in the fundraiser.” After the deal is set, the last thing to do is to let Schoola host the event, spread the word, and handle the payments and support for the fundraiser.

Schoola, in their words, is a “win-win-win” because parents save money on things they already do, local businesses benefit from authentic marketing, and schools or organizations in need receive funds to help them function effectively.

Using Schoola, Lakewood School District in Dallas, TX was able to connect with 6 local businesses and raise more than $3,000 in a week.  You can read more about that success story here.

Visit Schoola’s website at to start a fundraiser for your local school or organization, or even register your company if interested in being part of this new fundraising direction.