Site Lets Music Fans Help Rock Stars Write Songs

Yes, you read that headline correctly.  Fascinating isn’t it how social media and the interactive web world has been extended to allow average Joes the opportunity to contribute to a rock star’s body of work?  The Public Record invites users to collaborate with Mötley Crüe drummer Tommy Lee on his new album by submitting vocal and drum tracks to songs on which he is working.

The downside?  All submissions become the property of Mötley Crüe, so say goodbye to the dream of making a fortune in royalties.

“If Led Zeppelin had done this, I’d have sent them my drum parts for sure,” said Lee in an interview printed on

I cannot stress enough that this interactivity is exactly where the internet is heading.  As time passes, we’re going to see more and more applications like this for everything from song writing to problem solving.  And it makes perfect sense — why tackle complicated things yourself when you can put a direction out there and ask others to help get you where you want to go?

When it comes to social media, we must continue to think about ways to involve our fan base in the discussions:  ask their opinions for decorating a new facility.  Open your blogs to product and service reviews.  Query your followers for new ideas.

Really, social media is about discussing what you’re doing with your market and learning from them how you can get better.

In the end, you, your followers and your company will be much better off.

I can only hope that Tommy Lee uses good judgment when it comes to picking the best fan submissions for his new album.


  1. Roy
    October 13, 2009

    This is an interesting use of social media. I like that Tommy Lee is keeping with the times by interacting with his fans. It’s worth a shot. Maybe he will receive some great responses from them!

  2. Haley
    October 13, 2009

    I love this idea! Especially because you would think the artist would want to know what the fans want to hear. What better way then to let them contribute. You get your record talked about way before it is released and the anticipation of it would boost the sales when it comes out as well.