The First Pick in the 2011 UFL Draft is @JerrodJohnson1 from Texas A&M

Remember Duante Culpepper?

The millions of football fans out there know that Cam Newton went first overall to the Carolina Panthers in the 2011 NFL Draft. Many probably don’t know who went first in the 2011 UFL (United Football League) Draft. The pick went to the Hartford Colonials and head coach @JerryGlanville. They selected @JerrodJohnson1, the rookie QB out of Texas A&M.

Some other notable coaches such as @UFLDennisGreen and @DestroyersMarty (Marty Schottenheimer) also made selections in last night’s draft.

So what is up with all the “@” symbols in front of everyone’s name? The majority of the UFL draft took place on Twitter. Picks from rounds 2-10 were all announced via each coaches Twitter account. There may not be a ton of hype surrounding the UFL draft, but hosting it on Twitter was a pretty interesting idea.

Here at Demi & Cooper Advertising and DC Interactive Group, we’ve live-tweeted from events and even live-tweeted a surgery performed by the da Vinci robot! So what wild idea will Twitter be used for next?

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  1. Anonymous
    May 4, 2011

    How about we vote for the next president via Twitter?