Time-lapse video of our holiday window decorating!

We are proud to be a part of Downtown Elgin, especially when the city offers great community events. This year, we are showing our holiday cheer by participating in Downtown Elgin’s Rockin’ in a Window Wonderland.

We had so much fun creating our holiday-licious window that we decided to share the experience. We painted the windows over the course of one week and then condensed it to 2 minutes thanks to the miracle of time-lapse photography. Also, as part of the window contest, you get extra points for “bringing your display to life” during the event. We decided, since social media is our thing, to bring them to life virtually. So we will have a QR code within the window display so passers by at Window Wonderland (Saturday, December 3, 12-5) can enjoy seeing the window art go up from within.

Be sure to stick around for the last 30 seconds—it will be worth your time!

Happy holidays from Demi & Cooper Advertising!