Tis the Season for New Websites

For some reason, we’ve had a lot of website projects wrapping up all at once. We’ve just completed two fresh, tasty sites, and in the next month we anticipate several more that will go live. These sites are gorgeous. As Danielle, our Senior Art Director on the print side would say, “They are so good, I want to lick ’em.”

Both of these sites were for small businesses—Autobahn Automotive Service in St. Charles and local nonprofit United Way of Elgin. These sites are great to look at, easy to explore, and both offer the client the ability to update the site on their own, saving them in web maintenance costs. Check out the sites below:

Autobahn Automotive Service
This luxury auto repair shop in St. Charles is incredible. We were amazed when we saw all of their positive reviews on Yelp and Google, and even more amazed when we noticed how often the reviews mentioned the honesty of the owners—not a word people typically associate with car repair. We wanted to create a truly sexy site for them that spoke to the owners of luxury vehicles and put a friendly face on the company.

United Way of Elgin
This great nonprofit is one of our favorites—we even run an employee campaign each year and are very proud that most employees give to this important cause. Because they do so much in the community, we wanted to highlight some special initiatives, present all the information in a clean and simple way, and offer them flexibility in updating as much of their site as possible so they can continually update the site with all of their important work and success.

Stay tuned for more amazing sites, launching soon!