Too busy for Spring Break? Mexico shows you why you should make the time.

It’s 65 degrees on this mid-February Friday in Chicago, and it’s supposed to stay close to that for the weekend. Crazy. Maybe that’s why I’m thinking Spring, and specifically a Spring trip. How about you? The question always is, can I really take the time?

While some destinations try to get our business with commercials about either the ton of fun we’ll have or the thousands we’ll save (or both), the Mexico Tourism Board took a different angle and it goes right at the heart of not “where should I go?” but more simply “should I go?”  This spot is a soft sell for Mexico. It’s unique, emotional, and wonderful.


  1. Rich
    February 20, 2017

    It’s amazing that you need to convince people that they need to take a vacation. What a sad life.

    • Charles Falls
      February 21, 2017

      Aww, it’s not so much that people aren’t aware that they need a vacation, but rather they just don’t have confidence that they can take the time without suffering some ill effects. People want to go on vacation. That’s why I think this spot has teeth. It gets at what people really want and very convincingly shows that the benefits outweigh the perceived risk. Thanks for the comment.