We welcome Doody Enterprises as our newest client

Doody Enterprises, the respected medical information resource, is on board as our newest client. Well known in the healthcare world, Doody serves healthcare professionals with timely expert reviews of newly published books and software about health sciences, as well as sending custom, filtered updates of Medline, the most comprehensive database of biomedical literature in the world. And one of Doody’s best features—the information is completely unbiased, as they are not pharmacy-backed, so professionals who are a part of the Doody network know they are getting the most accurate information, as soon as it’s available, from a trusted, reliable source.

Healthcare professionals need to stay up-to-date on healthcare literature, which can be an overwhelming task. Services like Medline offer the most current information, but can be extremely time consuming to search and comb through for information targeted to a professional’s needs. So Doody offers MedInfoNOW to make finding the information as quick and convenient as possible—the information is delivered in a weekly eblast that covers categories the professional specifies as areas of interest.

Professionals also can access Doody’s comprehensive database of health sciences book and software titles, new journal article abstracts, and Doody’s book reviews. Doody is known for their authoritative, unbiased, and timely reviews from over 5,000 clinical experts in 125 specialty areas.

We will be working with Doody to help them connect to their online healthcare audience. We will be using a blog and other social marketing tools to let medical professionals know that Doody is the best and most trusted professional community they can join. Doody resources are the most convenient way to keep up to date and on top of your practice. We’ll help spread the word that Doody experts provide the best and most current information. And we’ll share that Doody is not backed by pharmaceutical companies, so Doody can be trusted to provide ethical and unbiased information. We are thrilled to work with such an established company to tout their amazing expertise and services. Look for our Doody blog in the near future.