Welcome to TheSparkReport.com

We’ve had a lot of fun on Charles Chat the past few years keeping you up to date on the latest marketing and advertising trends, writing about them, and receiving insightful comments and feedback from our community of readers. But as everybody knows, when you grow you need to upgrade too. That’s why we’re continuing the adventure here, at our newly redesigned blog/Internet magazine, The Spark Report.

Why “The Spark Report,” you may wonder? With social media and Internet marketing changing the advertising landscape every day, we’re constantly challenging ourselves, learning, adapting, and more importantly: innovating. We even have internal monthly new technology meetings where everyone comes together to share leading edge ideas. We’ve used all that knowledge to create and refine our own custom program that takes social media to a whole new trackable level. We call it Sparking because, well, we invented it and there wasn’t a word for it.

We’ve been running and refining Sparking since before most people even knew what a Tweet was. And our program has become kind of a big deal. Sparking really generates results — and we generate the proof. At the end of every month we provide detailed, quantifiable reports that would make any CFO sit back and smile. Want to learn more?

So while Charles is still our main man, with this many web marketing and advertising specialists on our team offering their knowledge and unique perspectives, we’ve expanded our format from a blog into something more like an online magazine. Hence, we’re changing the title to The Spark Report, a name more in line with what we’re about — sparking relationships through the use of traditional and social media and new technology.

Now we bid adieu to Charles Chat (although all of our past blogs have been imported), and we continue the adventure here at TheSparkReport.com. We look forward to your feedback!