What? They are making Facebook better again? Noooooo!

I think this cartoon being reposted by like-minded people on Facebook says it all. This morning, the only inconvenience I found when I checked out the new redesign was that half of my friend’s usually interesting posts were complaining—again—that Facebook updated the way it works—again.

But those same people probably also complained through the past revolutions, and I’m sure if given the choice after a few days of getting used to the new way, they would never revert back to the old. To prove the point, I checked for past screenshots of how “TheFacebook” used to work.

In 2005, we have TheFacebook, where your profile was your home screen and you were forced to lurk around the site to snoop in on what was going on with your friends.

In 2007, we have more of a news feed on the profile page. Complainy Complainersons statuses probably said, “What? Nooo! Where is the big ugly banner ad?” or “What? How will I know what I am interested in or my hobbies if it isn’t on my home screen?”

In 2008, we have the introduction of Tabs. Complainies said, “Where are my friends in the sidebar?” and “Each post takes up so much space because of that stupid profile pic next to it. I have to scroll down. Too much scrolling!”

In 2009 we have the reintroduction of friends in the sidebar, as well as recent posts and some little ads. “What? Ads? You mean you want to make money off of the free service you are offering me?”

Later in 2009, the big change to news feeds away from the profile page. And you can hear the chorus now, “Where are my tabs? Where is my flair?”

And of course, you remember the Facebook of yesterday. Or do you? Have you already forgotten the “Most Recent” and “Top News”? Too distracted by the new flagged top stories and interesting live sidebar news feed?

In two weeks, if Facebook changes back (which they won’t, as they keep on trucking forward like the improving monster they are), I know those Complainy Complainersons would be saying, “Where are my lists? Where is my ability to subscribe to all posts, most posts, or only important posts from friends?”

Because after the minor inconvenience of learning it, Facebook change is good. So buck up and stop complaining!