What We Wondered about in 2010

Well, Google’s year-end list is out. We now know what the world wanted to know in 2010. A few that made me laugh from Google’s fastest rising US keyword searches of 2010:

Fastest rising news:
#1—oil spill; #6—Lindsay Lohan. Really US? In five digits, you can sink that low?

Fastest rising image search:
#1—Jersey Shore. I get this one. The group of 20 somethings offered a lot for us to see. Snooky’s poof, fist pump dancing, the shirt before the shirt. I don’t watch the show, but even I know the group had potential to provide a lot of entertaining eye candy.

Fastest falling Google.com:
#5—Susan Boyle. Thank goodness. I had enough of that woman!

Most popular “What is” questions:
These are amusing in order, 1-3. The US Internet users, when pondering, “What is X?” most commonly typed, in ranked order: What is #1—love, #2—skype, and #3—lupus.

Fastest rising Google.com:
#5—Justin Bieber. Of all the things in the world, the 16-year-old sensation takes the fifth spot, proving Bieber fever has taken the nation. I suppose he was born on the web (discovered on YouTube a few years ago) and had a huge year winning all matter of awards. And he’s sooooooo cute. We’ll give him 2010. And maybe 2011, if he wins a Best New Artist Grammy. But then it has to stop.

Fastest rising diets: #6—The Twinkie Diet. I bet all those searchers thought what I’m thinking: That. Would. Be. Awesome.

Fastest rising Google.com: #2—Chatroulette. The website where people randomly video chat/expose themselves (more of the latter than the former) only became popular within the past year? Seems like it was longer ago. Or maybe I’ve just tried to put it out of my mind. Gross, America. Gross.

Check out the list for yourself on Google’s microsite. See anything else amusing?

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  1. Pat
    December 21, 2010

    Here’s another one for Google.

    What is homebuilding?
    What century did it stop being done?