Will It Rain iPhone App

Will It Rain Today? I designed an app for that.

My dad owns a lawn maintenance company, and the first thing he wonders when he wakes up throughout spring and summer is, “Will it rain?” I’m sure this is a common first thought—people with kids who play sports, construction workers, and people who just generally care about the weather. I live just a short walk from work, so I always need to know if I should grab an umbrella on my way out the door.

I love to design on the side, and since the smartphone boom I’ve had an interest in creating apps. So a programmer friend and I decided to make it fast and easy to answer your first waking thought. Yes, there are fine weather apps out there—the Weather Channel app is my favorite for answering all of your weather questions accurately. But sometimes you just want to know about the rain—temperature, wind conditions, the next 10 day forecast aren’t going to affect your day as much as a downpour.

Our WillItRain app loads quickly, since it only has to search for one piece of data: the chance of rain in the next 12 hours. It will give you a clear, brief answer—yes, maybe, or no.

We were even featured on TechCrunch shortly after the launch.

So if you have an iPhone, download it and check it out. It will become the best way to start and plan your day!