CLUBbuzz: Introducing the launch of an exclusive new social media site

We’re proud to announce the launch of CLUBbuzz, a new social media site designed for lovers of the club life. Members can easily post photos, music and videos of their club experiences and follow updates from their friends as they upload their own moments. Even better, members can find and connect with new friends who share their passion for a club, band or activity by simply searching profiles and interests, or even joining specifically designed groups that include people with the same interests.

This is a brand new, unique social media site. CLUBbuzz is Facebook for the Party World, a place free of haters who keep you from being you! Freely post what matters to you and share it with the people who find it interesting. The site offers the option to join as a member, club owner or vendor. As a member, you have exclusive access to the club world including events, groups and music. Owners and vendors can easily spread the word about upcoming events, post to the interactive job classified section and view a directory of clubs with location information.

Joining the club is currently invite only, but we’re ready to give you a shot! Just fill out your request for an invite. And don’t miss out on your chance to bring the club to you—download the free iPhone app or the Android app. Enjoy the club!