Visual Data: Map out neighborhoods to find who is overextending themselves on rent, find a sugar daddy, cougars and more

picture-56I love visual data. And people are creating new tools to view data visually on the web at an exponential rate. Two former Google programmers, Elad Gil and Othman Laraki, have just launched curious little website called TownMe.

The site is just starting out and there are big plans to add more robust features, but right now the most interesting part is the creative spin they put on U.S. Census data. They layer “heatmaps” on top of a Google maps to show population concentrations. Unfortunately, right now it only works for major metropolitan downtown areas.

Maybe you’re looking for a Cougar. TownMe will plot out the neighborhoods where you are most likely to find their highest concentrations. In Chicago, you’ll find the most on the Near North Side. What about Yuppies? Plot them too. Same goes for Sugar Daddies, Baby Daddies and even people overextending themselves on rent. Until they are able to drill down more targeted metrics it is only a toy but it’s still worth keeping it on your radar.


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  1. Jackie
    July 15, 2009

    An interesting concept. It still needs a bit of work though, like you said. I am curious where this will go in the future!