Digital Signage Grabs, Engages and Informs

A study released on September 3, 2008 by SeeSaw Networks, conducted by OTX, to better understand how digital out-of-home media can be used to reach mobile consumers, shows that digital signage advertising engages people, has high awareness, and is a compelling media that advertisers can use to effectively reach people with their message.

Importantly, says the report, digital signage advertising has stopping power. Sixty-three percent of adults say that it catches their attention, which is the highest level reported across all media surveyed, including TV, the Internet, billboards, magazines, newspapers, radio, and mobile phone advertising.

The study explores various U.S. consumer segments, both male and female, between the ages of 13 and 55, representing the segment life patterns of Affluents, Alpha Moms, Avid Movie Goers, Business Professionals, College Students, Families On-the-Go, Hispanic Families, Mobile Millennials, Nightlifers, Older Affluents, Teens, and Young Urban Professionals, to see how their life patterns intersect with digital signage touchpoints. Key findings include important metrics such as these:

On average, the general population recalled having seen digital signage in six different types of locations during the previous week. College-age people (18- to 24- year-olds) reported seeing it even more frequently in eight different types of locations in a week.

Forty-four percent of adults said that they paid some or a lot of attention to digital signage advertising, which places this media ahead of billboards, Internet, and mobile phones.

Among those who have seen advertisements on different kinds of media over the past 12 months, people found digital signage advertising to be the most unique.

Survey respondents who had seen advertisements over the past year found those on digital signage to be the most interesting.

Digital advertising can also be entertaining and engaging, says the report. People say that digital signage rates nearly as high as TV in entertainment value.

The report posits that it’s an optimal situation when people are entertained and interested in advertisements, but also find them to be believable.

While all advertising seeks to increase demand for a product or service, informative advertising provides people with information that influences their decisions.

People report that they find digital signage advertising less annoying than nearly all other media. Acceptance is a critical component of effective media, concludes the report.

The study report concludes that “…no matter what a person is doing… they notice digital signage advertising.”