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The Importance of Reviewing your Gluten Free Spots

gluten free appAlex’s Gluten Free Spots is available for iPhone and free for a limited time. It’s a gluten free and celiac friendly restaurant review app that lets users locate gluten free spots, rate them, add new locations, and save favorites. Not only does it make eating out much easier, but it saves those with celiac from a night of misery.

So track Alex’s Gluten Free Spots down in the App Store and get your unique fingerprints all over it. Why is is so important that you add your favorite spots and your thoughts on gluten free places in your area?

The community counts on your feedback

As you may know from our beautiful infographic, the celiac community is growing fast. An estimated 3 million Americans suffer from it, and 30% of the United States population carries genes that make them susceptible to it.

Alex’s Gluten Free Spots has a long list of restaurants that talk the talk and say they’re gluten free, but we don’t know if they truly walk the walk until you publish your ratings and reviews. So whenever you’re eating out, help out your fellow GF diners and give your honest feedback on your meal. If the restaurant isn’t on the list, just plug in its information and then post your feedback. Easy peasy? Lemon squeezy.

Our promise to you

You are a valued contributor to Alex’s Gluten Free Spots, and we can’t thank you enough. It’s our pledge to you that we will not sell your email address or any other personal information. Creating an account within the app just lets us know that your reviews and locations are the real thing.

We welcome your feedback on the app, and we thank you for being a part of it!