Help people visualize your product with digital renderings and video

Most people are visual.

Seeing helps explain things in ways text or stock photos can never do. On top of that, some products are inherently difficult to visualize. Most people think of digital renderings when they think of new construction projects like homes, condos, public buildings or hospitals. But they also also work well for any product that is difficult for someone to picture being used — like the cash-dispensing machines in our example below — or even an abstract concept. And the best part is if they are done right, they can also save money.

When you’re selling something that is not only a product, but an experience, there is nothing like video to help a potential customer understand the full picture. In this video for a New York condominium development glass and steel fall from the sky to form an enormous Jenga-like tower. The camera pans around the building as the pieces fall into place with precision around silhouettes of people. The viewer not only sees what the building itself will look like, but the views the residents will have. After you watch this video, scroll down to see an example of how we helped a client better show and explain another rather unique product.

We’ve solved problems like this before.

For example, we created the picture above from scratch. One of our clients made rather large cash dispensing machines for use in banks. We designed and digitally rendered about a half dozen counters and desks around the machines. In some images we even took photographs of real people acting as tellers and customers interacting over the digital desks. The surprising part isn’t that we were able to create something out of nothing (we do that every day) but that the work we did saved our client thousands of dollars over other alternative methods.


  1. marathonman
    November 25, 2008

    The music reminds me of Cliff Martinez’s soundtrack for the American version of the movie “Solaris” with George Clooney.

  2. artista
    December 8, 2008

    Love that video! I am a very visual person. For instance if someone is trying to explain something to me by only telling me about it, it usually doesn’t sink in as well as if I could read it or see it myself. If I can visualize something it makes it more real and it sticks.